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Water Consultant

Environmental Studies

Environmental assessments are typically necessary when there has been a release of contaminants that could impact either surface or ground water resources. They may also be necessary to permit new facilities when there are changes in ownership at existing facilities, when Notice of Violation are issued, and for facility retirement. Understanding both surface and ground water flow and quality is critical to characterizing and then remediating water contamination issues in an environmentally friendly manner. Each site is unique and requires special attention to develop adequate site-specific data to make efficient, effective solutions. JCHA has participated in solutions to contamination-related to phosphorus and nitrogen species, fuel spills, cyanide, heavy metals, perchlorate, and NDMA.

Ground Water

JCHA’s expertise in the area of environmental assessment include the following services:

  • Install monitoring well systems
  • Develop Quality Assurance/Quality Control plans
  • Conduct soil and water sampling
  • Conduct contaminant transport modeling
  • Model hydraulic control over downgradient movement of contaminants
  • Provide liability assessment
  • Provide regulatory agency negotiation assistance
  • Evaluate remediation alternative
  • Design remediation plans
  • Evaluate remediation effectiveness
  • Assist in closing sites relative to environmental compliance

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