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Water Consultant

Ground Water Hydrologic Studies

Ground water exploration, to identify and develop water supplies for municipalities, farmland, irrigation, and industry, has taken on greater importance in recent years, particularly in the semi-arid Western United States, as more people begin to rely upon existing ground water supplies. To efficiently develop ground water resources, it is critical to understand the local hydrologic environment.

Ground Water

JCHAs expertise in the area of ground water exploration and development include the following services:

  • Prepare and implement test hole drilling programs
  • Interpret aerial photographs
  • Design rehabilitation programs for wells to improve well efficiency
  • Design deep well injection projects
  • Design production wells
  • Evaluate geophysical logs to optimize well screen settings
  • Develop hydrogeologic conceptual models
  • Complete well testing and water quality evaluations
  • Develop conjunctive use projects to maximize beneficial use
  • Conduct MODFLOW modeling

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