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Mining-Related Hydrologic Studies

For mine development projects, understanding the surface water and ground water hydrology in the project area is of paramount importance, so that potential impacts due to mining can be assessed and mitigated, while potential mine water supplies can also be evaluated. In addition, both the operational and the retirement aspects of the mine should be evaluated during the initial studies of the mine feasibility so that issues related to changes in the hydrologic regime are understood upfront.

JCHA personnel can provide the following services for mining-related hydrology studies:

Mining Drill

  • Water Balance Analyses
  • Mine Dewatering
  • Mine Reclamation
  • Mine Water Management Plan
  • Seepage Analyses
  • Assist in the preparation of necessary permit documents
  • Develop Quality Assurance/Quality Control plans
  • Design and install surface and ground water monitoring systems
  • Develop and maintain surface water flow gaging stations
  • Provide surface and ground water sampling services
  • Develop aquifer hydraulic characteristics through ground water testing
  • Model aquifer/stream interactions
  • Develop aquifer and aquifer/stream interaction characteristics
  • Provide expert testimony during the permitting process
  • Develop water balances for operational and retirement aspects of the mine
  • Develop dewatering plans
  • Evaluate and assist in the development of your mine water supply

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