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Mining-Related Hydrologic Studies

Fort Know Project, Fairbanks, Alaska
San Luis Gold Project Near San Luis, Colorado
DeLamar Mine Closure Plan, Silver City, Idaho
Evaluation and Application of Geohydrologic and Geochemical Data at the Mount Hope Project, Eureka County, Nevada
Spring Creek Mine Near Decker, Montana
Parachute Creek Project Near Parachute, Colorado
Review of Water Resources Documents for the San Cristobal Project, Nor Lipez Province, Republic of Bolivia
Evaluation and Application of the Geohydrologic and Geochemical Data at the Mt. Hope Project, Eureka County, Nevada
Rock Creek Mine, Nome, Alaska

Surface Water Hydrologic Studies

Operational Studies for a Surface Water Supply Reservoir Near Parker, Colorado
Surface Water Quality Monitoring of Cherry Creek for the Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority, Arapahoe & Douglas Counties, Colorado
Evaluation and Application of Hydrologic and Reservoir Modeling, Grand Mesa Water Project, Delta County, Colorado
Provide Monitoring and Testing of the Implementation of a Well Operational Efficiency Program, Parker, Colorado

Ground Water Hydrologic Studies

Installation of “Superwells” for the Willows Water District, Englewood, Colorado
Test Drilling Program with Subsequent Well Installation, Parker, Colorado
Test Drilling Program and Installation of Production Well, Upper Eagle Valley Water and Sanitation District, Vail, Colorado
Hydrologic Investigations to Evaluate Ground Water Supply Potential, Sagauche County, Colorado
Denver Basin Aquifer Ground Water Demonstration Project, Englewood, Colorado
Parker Water and Sanitation District, Well Efficiency Program
Review Water District’s Well Field Production, Arapahoe County, Colorado
Water District Well Field Equipment Evaluation, Parker, Colorado

Environmental Studies

Manage and Conduct Ground Water Modeling and Preparation of a Ground Water Corrective Measure for a Ni-Cd Battery Manufacturing Facility, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Evaluation of Contaminant Releases to a Stream System, North Carolina
Denver Basin Bedrock Aquifers Model Report for the Rueter-Hess Reservoir Environmental Impact Statement
Brunswick Corporation, Lincoln Nebraska
Eagle-Picher Thermal Battery Manufacturing Facility, Pittsburg, Kansas
Climax Molybdenum, Fort Madison, Iowa Plant Ground Water Evaluation
Background Phosphorus Study, Upper Cherry Creek, Colorado

Water Rights, Adjudications, and Expert Testimony

Technical Assistance to Legal Counsel in a Third Party Lawsuit, Jefferson County, Colorado
Technical Assistance Related to Salt Water Releases to an Alluvial Aquifer, Lyons, Kansas
Adjudication of Denver Basin Aquifer Water Rights and Augmentation Plan for a Water District, Parker, Colorado
Technical Assistance Related to Ground Water Degradation from Salt Brine Evaporation Ponds, Lindsay, California
Evaluation of Potential Terms and Conditions on Denver Basin Aquifer Pumping Related to the Grange Property, Douglas County, Colorado
Review of the Lower Guadalupe Water Supply Project

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